Amphetamine Longboard & Skateboard Bearing Oil

Amphetamine Skateboard Bearing Oil & Accessories

Amphetamine has all the accessories and tools to keep your bearings in top notch shape. Amphetamine Synthetic Speed Oil keeps bearings clean and oiled to improve your bearings. Amphetamine Synthetic Speed Oil will keep your bearings spinning fast and roll much smoother and helps to maximize speed and lifespan. Bearing Speed Oil is a must have for any bearing related application.

The Amphetamine Bearing Press tool eliminates the struggle of installing and removing bearings by using leverage to press and pull without damaging the bearings. The press can be used with virtually all skateboard wheels and inline wheels, most longboard wheels, and even scooter wheels. Works as a press and puller for 8mm bearings.

Amphetamine Synthetic Speed Oil

Amphetamine Synthetic Bearing Speed Oil

Bearing Press – Up to 100mm

Skateboard, Longboard, Scooter, & Inline Bearing Press - Up to 100mm

Standard Bearing Press Tool

Skateboard & Longboard Standard Bearing Press Tool