Amphetamine Bearings Abec 5

Amphetamine Bearings Abec 5 Front View

ABEC 5 bearings are the epitome of durability and speed.

Amphetamine Bearing Abec 5 Side View

These bearings will ensure long-lasting durability to keep you rolling.

Amphetamine Bearing Abec 5 Rubber Shields

Friction-free rubber shields pre-lubricated with Amp Synthetic Speed Oil.

Amphetamine Bearing Abec 5 Open Back View

Thermally applied coatings enhance corrosion resistance.

Amphetamine Bearing Abec 5 Open Front View

Grade 10 hardened steel balls for higher rockwell rating.

Amphetamine Bearing Abec 5 Keep you Rolling

ABEC 5 bearings are strong, fast, and are resilient to keep you rolling.

Amphetamine Bearings Ceramic Hybrid

Amphetamine Bearing Ceramic Hybrid Front View

Amp Hybrids features the durability of a steel bearing with the speed of a ceramic.

Amphetamine Bearing Ceramic Hybrid Side View

These high-quality hybrid bearings are strong enough, fast enough, and more than resilient enough to help you carving and cruising.

Amphetamine Bearing Ceramic Hybrid Rubber Shield

Dual rubber shields make for easy cleaning while keeping dirt out.

Amphetamine Bearing Ceramic Hybrid Open Back View

Extra-hard ceramic ball that pulverizes dirt and cleans the bearings.

Amphetamine Bearing Ceramic Hybrid Open Front View

These bearings feature a durable hybrid construction composed of 1 ceramic ball and 6 precision steel balls.

Amphetamine Bearing Ceramic Hybrid Keeps you Rolling Fast!

With reduced friction due to thermodynamic cooling, these Amp bearings are your ideal prescription for speed.