Amphetamine Longboard & Skateboard Bearings

Amphetamine Skateboard and Longboard Bearings

Amphetamine bearings are the epitome of durability and speed, and this set features the durability of a steel bearing with the speed of a ceramic. These high-quality hybrid bearings are strong enough, fast enough, and more than resilient enough to help you carve or cruise your own path. These bearings feature a durable hybrid construction composed of 1 ceramic ball and 6 precision steel balls. This singular extra-hard ceramic ball pulverizes dirt and thus cleans the bearing as you ride, ensuring a long-lasting lifespan to keep you rolling. With reduced friction due to thermodynamic cooling, these Amphetamine bearings are your ideal prescription for speed.

Amphetamine Skateboard & Longboard Ceramic Hybrid Bearings
Amphetamine Skateboard & Longboard Bearing Accessories

Amphetamine Bearing Speed Oil

Keeping bearings clean and oiled can only improve your bearings. They will spin fast and roll much smoother when your bearings are kept in good shape. Bearing Lube is a must have for any bearing related application. This oil is a light synthetic blend designed specifically to maximize speed and lifespan.

Amphetamine Skateboard & Longboard Bearing Lubricant